Advanced control charts


1. Control of process data.  
2. Control charts. Principles. 
3. H-method of analysis.
4. Typical charts.
5. Process capability measures.
6. Case study
7. Multivariate charts.
8. Charts using score vectors.
9. Importance of variables.
10. Loading weight vectors.
11. Classification variables.
12. Improving charts by design.
13. Process optimization.
14. Evolutionary operations.
15. Subset selection for control.
16. CUSUM methods
17. Robust control charts
18. Outlier detection
19. Sensitivity analysis
20. Case study
21. Guidelines for presentation of results

Some of the industry standards (the QS9000 supplement to ISO 9000) require that suppliers have installed an SPC station. It means that together with the production unit there are measurement instruments and a computer screen, such that looking at the screen one can see how well the work is going on. This has provided with great success within the automotive industry. Other companies are introducing these tools, partly because of the success obtained and partly because the basic methods are easily used and understood by non-experts.