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Robustness in Modelling Data  

Pattern Recognition




The Centre studies advanced methods in data analysis and

The H-method

modelling. It is characteristic for these methods that they provide with more reliable predictions than corresponding traditional methods. The reason is that these methods find profiles in data such that the prediction aspects of the models have been optimised. The centre is located in Casa Matematica at Mijas (pueblo), Costa del Sol, Malaga, Spain, few miles from beach, mountain, tourist centres and sight seeing areas. 



The centre provides with a number of courses. Each course is over four and a half day. Participants are lodged at Casa Matematica or in the village Mijas. The participants receive from each course a software package and around 150 pages book. Sightseeing trips are arranged together with the course. The courses require knowledge of introductory statistics and college algebra. Furthermore, it is advantageous if you have some knowledge of the MATLAB language.


Fields of study

The H-method has been applied to wide variety of models and situations. On the left are shown some of the fields, where the H-method has been successfully applied. The relevant topics within each field are further listed.


Presentation of studies

People in applied sciences and in industry have certain requirements to analysis of data and to presentation of results from modeling data. The emphasis of the H-method is to provide with a detailled graphics that show the latent structure in data and to present the overall results from modeling in simple and easily communicated terms.



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